Who we are

PARADOX defies norms and challenges the industry by offering high-quality products at accessible prices. Our collections are crafted for everyday living with a focus on quality and affordability. We cut out middlemen and markups to provide luxury at a feeling, not a price point.

Our Mission

PARADOX is all about quality and value. We believe that luxury is a feeling, not a price point. By eliminating industry markups, we provide high-quality products at an affordable price. Our mission is to make quality accessible to all.


    Crafting outerwear with the utmost quality from fabric to construction. With keen design dexterity, our products are curated from beginning to finish right down to the finest details. ​


    ​We cut out the middlemen which account for 20x the manufacturing costs. ​This allows for quality products at an accessible price.​


    Our process is clear from the beginning; create quality products at the right price that delivers value to the consumer. ​
    Continue our traceable down programs and uphold transparency throughout the product pipeline.​


    Everyone can wear PARADOX.

    An accessible product, at an accessible price.

    Accessible community, conversations, people and platforms.

    We don't over complicate or elaborate.

    Our processes are accessible and so are our people.